Andrew Loses It – Gay Male

Disclaimer: all characters on this tale are fully fictitious. The occasions described by no means took place. Please don’t learn if you’re underneath 18 or are indignant by means of explicitly sexual subject matter.

Andrew walked house from the birthday celebration. No, he didn’t truly walked, he stumbled and staggered, legs held as huge aside as he may just, nursing an asshole that just a few hours previous have been the virgin bud of a real stud, and was once now gaping obscenely. Even as he walked he felt it throb and pulse… and he felt the nice and cozy liquid leaking down alongside his internal thighs – liquid that would best be Thomas’s cum. His thoughts saved going again to the birthday celebration – a birthday celebration to which he have been specifically invited and to which, he now learned, he by no means must have long gone.

Andrew had come to New York for varsity. At 18, the boy from Iowa had the sexual enjoy of a grown up, as a result of excluding his sunny blond just right seems to be and his tall, narrow body, he carried a secret weapon. He can have been virtually a boy, however many males would have envied him his dick. At 11 wrist-thick inches, that dick had deflowered extra ladies than Andrew may just take into accout. And, as steadily as now not, as his popularity unfold, many a married lady had long gone to mattress with him too. In New York, once a couple of faculty ladies slept with him, phrase of mouth unfold… his measurement and prowess quickly turned into virtually mythical.

Little did Andrew know when he began relationship Sara, that this was once the start of a wholly new segment of his lifestyles. Little did he know that she will be the ultimate lady he would fuck. Sara, quite green sexually, discovered Andrew inconceivable to withstand. The stud fucked her to a couple of orgasms, leaving her panting, looking to catch her breath. After per week, through which time Sara’s up to now tight little pussy had change into quite much less tight, she determined to introduce him to her mom as her boyfriend. Bettina, Sara’s mom, virtually had a spontaneous orgasm when she noticed the boy. Tall and lean, and with a telling smirk on his face – she new straight away he was once immensely hung. But what truly drove her loopy was once the speculation she had upon seeing him. The boy was once tall and masculine, true. And he had, past doubt, fucked her daughter again and again. But he was once additionally the very best man for a myth she had lengthy had. That myth was once to peer a real hung stud fucked by means of a fair larger guy. And Andrew, regardless of his glaring enjoy, had an air of freshness and innocence that drove her loopy with lust.

Later that evening, she referred to as Thomas, an outdated and intimate buddy. She didn’t know the way hung Andrew was once and she or he surely sought after to peer him fucked by means of a larger dick. But she was once certain she was once now not taking a lot of a possibility with Thomas. The 35 yr outdated Jamaican had an uncut monstrosity in his pants that was once well past the foot-long mark – at 13.5” it was once the most important dick Bettina had observed (and felt) in her whole, substantial, enjoy. Blessedly, Thomas was once bisexual, so her plan may simply paintings. When he agreed to her concept, all that was once left was once to prepare the birthday celebration.

And so, some days after his discuss with to Sara’s space, Andrew was once invited to wait a birthday celebration at Bettina’s space. Sara may just now not come that day – he can be going with out her.

As he entered the condominium, and was once greeted by means of Bettina, Andrew had no concept what was once about to occur. He had include the certain cocky stroll of a person. He would go away very a lot modified. Bettina offered him to a couple visitors and when he met Thomas and the black guy grasped his hand and held his eye, Andrew had a fleeting feeling of panic. Some time later, after a couple of beverages, he started to note the eye of a beautiful lady who saved having a look at him from around the room. He approached her and struck a dialog. A couple of mins later, they slipped from the sitting room and headed for a bed room. Right on his cue, Thomas adopted them, unobserved.

Andrew had completed undressing himself and his spouse and was once mendacity on most sensible of her in mattress, when he felt her disturbing and take a look at one thing at the back of him. Looking again, Andrew was once stunned to peer Thomas, totally bare, stroking an impossibly massive black erection that reached a ways above his abdominal button.

“Hey man,” Andrew stated, “what the fuck are you doing here?”

“Try to guess,” replied Thomas and climbed at the mattress.

Andrew’s first idea was once that Thomas sought after a work of the motion and that he was once about to participate in a threesome. It was once to be a threesome however of a special type. Unexpectedly for him, Thomas seized his waist and pulled him up on all fours, , alarmingly bringing his burning massive cock in touch with Andrew’s thigh.

“What the fuck are you doing man?!” screamed Andrew.

“Just what you said – fuck” smiled Thomas and slid his cock between Andrew’s thighs.

Instinctively, involuntarily, Andrew squeezed his thighs in combination. He was once stunned on the girth of the cock between his legs – it felt as thick as an arm. Just then the girl were given up from the mattress and left the room, to get replaced by means of a unadorned Bettina who gave the impression from at the back of.

“Are you ready, my boy,” she stated patronizingly.

“Ready for what, bitch?” screamed Andrew who was once now absolutely sober and shaking.

“Who are you calling a bitch, slut,” shouted Bettina and slapped him around the face. “Look who is about to be fucked by the biggest cock in Manhattan!”

With that, she stretched at the mattress, hanging her head proper underneath Andrew’s ass. The view was once breathtaking. The younger stud’s narrow lengthy legs had been framing Thomas’s black phallus – she may just now not stay up for the motion to start out.

Andrew struggled to get unfastened however Thomas held him in a company grip.

“No stop!” screamed Andrew.

“He won’t stop till you are full of his cum,” Bettina hissed, “Are you feeling like a frightened virgin right now? You should be – try to remember well this moment – the last moment of you as a stud. When you get up from this bed, my boy, you will have taken more cock in your ass than many women take in a year.”

Thomas pulled his cock from between Andrew’s thighs and positioned it on the opening of Andrew ass. The tiny asshole twitched in agonized anticipation.

“No, pl…” Andrew began to mention…

And Thomas plunged. He had lubed his cock neatly – Andrew’s resistance collapsed in lower than a couple of seconds. The black guy’s massive fingers totally encircled Andrew’s waist. Thomas pulled him onto his erection and thrust his hips ahead on the identical time. The destruction of Andrew’s virginity took place in lower than a 2nd. The massive cockhead pried Andrew’s ass open and slipped inside of. Bettina may just slightly imagine her eyes. Almost in gradual movement, she noticed Andrew looking to clench his ass close. She noticed the large black monolith start to triumph over the resistance because the tiny bud of Andrew’s hollow expanded, mountaineering up at the invading cockhead. Suddenly, all the massive cockhead slipped into Andrew’s ass. And then, all of a sudden, even for her, Thomas plunged and buried his whole inhuman cock in Andrew’s deflowered asshole. At the similar fast, Bettina skilled an earth-shattering spontaneous orgasm. Her myth had come true. The younger stud was once totally impaled on a monstrous cock.

Andrew screamed and flailed at the mattress. His thoughts misplaced coherence for some time … the impossibly massive invasion was once splitting him aside… had break up him aside.

“It is done, honey,” Bettina cooed, out of breath herself. “You are not a virgin anymore… Look at you – the big stud huh! Well, I’ve got news for you – you have an even bigger stud between your legs now… You’re a common slut now… The only thing missing is pumping you full of cum and that won’t be missing much longer. Now spread your legs wider for the real man behind you – give him a better access.”

Andrew may just rarely listen her. The ache was once inconceivable and he saved screaming and gasping. He fell on his face and let the person thrash away at him. And then one thing sudden took place. The ache step by step receded, to get replaced by means of a sense of hobby and pleasure he had by no means recognized. Gradually, imperceptibly, his moans of ache became moans of delight. His aware thoughts gave the impression separated from the enjoy, staring at the uncooked animal take over. Bettina spotted it first.

“The slut is getting had, Thomas. He likes getting it in the ass!”

Andrew slightly registered her communicate. What mattered now was once that factor battering his insides, stretching and loosening his previously tight asshole. He did unfold his legs as a ways aside as they’d pass. And then he used his elbows as leverage to start out assembly the stud’s thrusts. Andrew started pushing onto the invading cock, fucking himself on it, ruining his personal ass past reputation. His personal erection was once painfully, impossibly massive and with each and every thrust of the black cock in his ass he moaned and screamed, in utter abandon.

Thomas was once virtually out of his thoughts with lust. He felt Andrew’s give up and someplace behind his thoughts he felt sorry for the boy. He knew the street he was once carving in Andrew’s ass now. He knew that inside of months the boy will be the maximum insatiable backside in Manhattan. Hundreds and masses of cocks will observe him down this hollow. He was once making a slut – Andrew had gotten used to his massive cock a lot sooner than he had anticipated. And few smaller cocks will be capable to satiate the boy sooner or later. But he was once the primary in that butt and he savored the information of Andrew’s cum-filled long run as he moved nearer and nearer to giving the boy his first ever load of male cum. From his vantage level above he witnessed the ruination of the tight ass. The boy was once pushing on his massive cock with whole overlook for ache. Even now his ass was once starting to really feel looser. Thomas was once virtually there.

Andrew felt the exchange within the cock actions. He felt Thomas thrust deeper and grasp his cock absolutely embedded in his ass for longer. He felt a ordinary sensation on the front of his asshole and reached again to discover. With a surprise he learned that the stud was once rubbing, no grinding his huge balls on the front of his ass. That idea, the conclusion that the impossibly massive cock he had observed mins previous was once fully buried in his ass led to a meltdown. Andrew howled and ward off so far as he may just, conserving the ass-splitting cock absolutely embedded in him. And then he got here violently – cum splattered at the wall and the headboard of the mattress in entrance of him.

The boy’s screams and his surprising orgasm driven Thomas excessive. He grabbed Andrew’s shoulders and thrust ahead so far as he would pass and his cock exploded within the former stud’s ass. Andrew felt the large cock make bigger and throb and he knew that with each and every throaty moan Thomas was once pumping his ass stuffed with cum. Bettina noticed the lads climax and the sight led to her some other orgasm of her personal. She may just see the description of Thomas’s cock alongside Andrew’s abdominal – she may just see simply how deeply Thomas was once filling Andrew’s ass.

Before the night time was once over, Thomas fucked Andrew two extra instances and by means of the tip the boy may just slightly stand on his toes. His virginity was once long gone and, by the point Thomas was once drilling him for the 3rd time, the ultimate vestiges of being a stud left Andrew. Fittingly, Bettina refused to offer him his boxers again when he was once on the point of depart.

“I am keeping these as a trophy,” she stated. “These were the last boxers you ever wore as a real man. When you wore them, you had a tight ass. It is only fitting that you will never wear these boxers again. It is only fitting to go home without underwear on the night you became a slut.”

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